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    Address: 62 Lane Indica, California, USA |  Phone: +1 (832) 487-7736 |  Email : support@rooseveltshippinglogistics.com

    Roosevelt Shipping Logistics

    Transportation, Maintenance, and Shipping as never seen before !

    Professional Fuel, Oil, Container, Parcel, Courier and Goods Transportation ,Tracking and Shipping services.
    Faster, Safer, Better Handling and award winning service.
    One of the top 5 services in the world.
    Africa, America, Australia, India, Europe, China and 50 more locations.

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    Door to Door Service

    Roosevelt Shipping offers a variety of door to door pickup and delivery options from shipping heavy freight to small package and everything in-between.
    Our door to door services are used by various industries and residential customers throughout the United States for delivery within the Continental U.S.


    Warehouse , Inventory and Distribution

    Loading and Unloading Service Daily report of inventories through our web service HAZ-MAT Permit for hazardous materials storage (no. 1133) Security cameras in warehouse 24/7. We offer the service of loading and unloading or transload for oversize products.

    Railway Logistics

    Railway transportation is not only particularly sustainable, but is also faster than shipping and cheaper than air operations. But it is not always possible to use rail transport for the complete journey. We therefore handle the pick-up and final delivery runs for you and combine several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains.

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